As a professional accountant, you are required to have timely access to your client’s financial information and manage your variable cost as your clientele expands. At the same time you need to ensure your employees are well versed in your in house accounting system and keep updated with system compliance updates.

We have the solution!

Join the ABSS Public Accountant Membership Program @ *$499 to enjoy a wide range of customisable benefits below: 

  1. Use ABSS Premier and ABSS Payroll software to manage customers of the firm
  2. Free Product Upgrades to latest versions
  3. Free compliance updates for etc GST changes in the software
  4. Free Windows compliance updates
  5. Free Technical Support
  6. Manage 20 Company Client Profiles for starter kit
  7. Firm has the option to add on 100 or more company client profiles as an add on.
  8. Enjoy up to 20% discount off ABSS products, training and services
  9. Enjoy cost savings of up to $3,000 as compared to purchasing your own software to manage the books of your customers.
  10. Dedicated partner consultant to handle your sales queries

Prerequisite to Join as an ABSS Approved Accountant

  • Partners of accounting firm must hold professional accountancy qualifications
  • Firm will actively use and promote ABSS Accounting software in their business dealings
  • Accounting firm must be a registered filing agent with ACRA

For companies who are not professional accounting firms, you can find out more about ABSS accounting software from our partner company.

*Terms and conditions apply