ABSS Approved Accountant

In collaboration with ABSS, we provide a membership service for accounting firms called the “ABSS approved accountant” This membership service is open to professional firms whose owners are certified public accountants and the firm provides book keeping services to customers. The term ABSS approved accountant refers to an accounting firm that has individuals that undergone the necessary staff training in relation to ABSS software and adopts ABSS as the main computerised accounting software in their practice to manage their book-keeping customers.

Each ABSS approved accountant will be able to utilise a partner version of  ABSS accounting software to manage the accounting needs of their clients using a starter kit of 100 company profiles.

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Xero Accounting Software

We provide subscription services, xero training course and technical support for Xero Accounting software.

Our experts can also assist to import over data from your existing accounting software. We assist companies to get your system up and running in no time!