We provide courses for the ABSS accountant and the Xero user.

ABSS accountant training

We provide member firms of the ABSS approved accountant with the appropriate technical expertise on how to manage and control the ABSS approved accountant starter kit. The objective of this training is to provide partners of the firm on how increase accountability of the created customer profiles using the software and the steps to take when onboarding a new book keeping client.

Xero Training Course

Xero Training course is catered to new or existing subscribers of Xero accounting software to provide them with a greater understanding from basic to advanced features of the software.

We equip businesses with the technical expertise and in dept knowledge with regard to Xero accounting software. The objective of the training is to ensure the Xero user will be able to get familiar with the features of xero accounting software and utlilise the productivity tools to enhance business productivity.